12-14 March 2013 - JEC Composites Show

Raise Performance with Advanced Materials

At JEC 2013 Huntsman Advanced Materials will focus on the growing importance of high performance chemistries as enablers for new, cost-competitive manufacturing techniques and the further penetration of composites across a number of industry sectors.

Solutions supporting increasing demands for fast cure cycles in automotive manufacturing
Meeting growing demands for fast processing and shorter production cycles, Huntsman will highlight resin systems particularly suitable for out-of-autoclave processes such as high pressure resin transfer molding (HP-RTM) or compression molding; While aerospace-derived prepreg materials for autoclave cure have traditionally been used within the racing and high-value automotive sectors, out-of-autoclave processes are increasingly providing unparalleled efficiencies in terms of cost, production rates, quality and performance.

New building blocks help formulators achieve measurable market value
Leveraging its core strengths in synthesis and formulation, at the show Huntsman will re-affirm its position as a supplier of high performance building blocks for formulators.

Please visit us on booth G65

JEC Composites
March 12-14, Paris