Huntsman Features High-Performance Materials for Fabricating Composite Parts at CAMX 2017

December 11, 2017 

Huntsman Features High-Performance Materials for Fabricating Composite Parts at CAMX 2017

THE WOODLANDS, Texas – Huntsman Corporation (NYSE: HUN) today announced that its Advanced Materials and Polyurethanes divisions will highlight advanced composite resin systems and adhesives that help manufacturers build stronger, lighter weight composite parts at CAMX 2017, Dec 12-14, in Orlando, FL.

To help demonstrate these advanced materials, both businesses will have customer parts on display at booth Q2.  Some of those featured parts include:

• Automotive “body-in-black” carbon fiber structural honeycomb component produced with VITROX® polyurethane resin in a spray compression forming process produced by Bright Lite Structures (Peterborough, United Kingdom)
• Carbon-fiber torque tube for Mercedes AMG-GT R produced by Advanced Composite Engineering GmbH (Germany).  Powered by ARALDITE® LY 8615/ARADUR® 8615 composite resin system, the torque tube is 40% lighter than its aluminum counterpart, significantly improving the driving experience of the car. Thanks to its integrated composite design, the need for metallic connecting flanges has been removed, allowing for extremely low weight to be achieved, while meeting huge torque loading (700Nm) and noise vibration harshness (NVH) requirements
• Assembly carrier for Porsche GT3 Cup II produced by TOHO Tenax Europe. The ARALDITE® resin system used allows for fast serial production of high surface quality parts in less than 5 mins via HP-RTM. The formulation was fine-tuned for compatibility with an in-mold coating
solution. The finished support for the spoiler and rear fender weighs only 1.5 kg.
• BOXSTROM&r eg; carbon hybrid composite wheel produced by DYMAG GROUP Ltd (UK). In addition to a glass transition temperature of more than 200°C, the ARALDITE®  resin system allowed the design of a wheel with a fully optimized load path to ensure the lowest weight. The  9.1 kg wheel weight is typically 25 to 40% lighter than equivalent aluminum wheels and offers up to 50% lower moment of inertia; all resulting in significant energy savings during driving
• Interior airplane composite panel produced by Huntsman Advanced Materials. The panel is infused with ARALDITE® 35710 FST Benzoxazine Resin System, which enables stronger, higher quality, lighter weight parts. Benzoxazines offer superior performance over phenolics – such as high resin modulus, good lamination and no voids during cure. 

"We’re very excited to be exhibiting at CAMX to showcase a number of new products which provide structure, utility and protection, particularly for the aerospace and automotive markets,” said Dr. Derek J Crofton, Vice President for Advanced Materials Americas. “Huntsman brings value to material part makers and OEMs through an understanding of chemistry and application development. Our innovative solutions in composites are illustrated in our product portfolio and we welcome customer interaction to ensure we meet future market needs in performance and economics."

Specific products being discussed by Huntsman are:

High-performance resin systems for automotive composites By combining new, fast-cure ARALDITE® epoxy chemistries with a new compression molding process, Huntsman is not only facilitating the simple production of structural composite parts, but is also enabling cycle times as low as one minute without any further post-curing. For high-volume applications such as automotive, this process makes cost-efficient manufacture of high-performa nce structural parts using thermoset technology a reality.

ARALDITE® 35710 FST benzoxazine resin system is a new product that provides good fiber wet-out and offers a long working life. The system is flame retardant with low fire, smoke and toxicity (FST) properties and generates no volatile by-products during curing. As a result, it is ideal for fabricating large composite parts with a very low void content and a high quality surface finish for interior and semi-structural transportation and aerospace applications.

EPOCAST® 1614 A2 flame retardant epoxy structural syntactic is a new, one-component structural void-filling compound that is supplied frozen and features shelf life stability of greater than 18 months when stored at 0˚F. When stored at -20˚F, the shelf life is up to 24 months. The thawed material has a work life of 24 hours at room temperature. Cured composite parts feature excellent compressive strength at high temperatures and crack resistance even when used in thick sections on large honeycomb composite panels.

EPOCAST® 1648 A/B epoxy syntactic adhesive is a new low-density, thixotropic compound for potting fasteners and reinforcing honeycomb structures. It meets FAA FST requirements and is qualified to the BMS 5-28, Type 18, Class 1 specification. The lightweight epoxy is meter/mix extrudable for easy application. It sets quickly and features both good compressive and tensile lap shear strengths.

VITROX® HC 98010/SUPRASEC® 9801 polyurethane is a low-viscosity, two-component system designed for RTM, pultrusion and spray honeycomb methods that enables long working times while retaining snap-cure behavior for fast processing and the high toughness that is characteristic of polyurethane resins.

On Tuesday, Dec. 12, and Wednesday, Dec. 13, at Demo Zone Booth K32, Huntsman and Composites One will hold a series of demonstrations utilizing a Huntsman epoxy adhesive to fabricate a small, architectural column; a benzoxazine resin to infuse an aircraft window reveal; and an epoxy laminating system to infuse a mini boat hull panel. 

Huntsman’s Madhi Ghazizadeh will also present a paper titled Advanced Benzoxazine Formulation for Semi-Structural FST Applications on Wednesday, Dec. 13, from 10:30 – 10:55 a.m., in room W207B. The new product features a flexible viscosity profile to facilitate via infusion, resin transfer molding and prepregs processes.

Huntsman has more than 60 years’ experience developing thermoset resin technologies for use in building composite parts used in the aerospace, automotive, energy, industrial composites, adhesives, electronics, coatings and construction markets.

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