Our Definition of Green

At Huntsman Advanced Materials, green and sustainability are not only buzzwords. We strive to “think green” at each stage of a materials’ life cycle.
Raw Materials
For us, sustainability begins with the selection of our raw materials, which form the basis of all our products. Wherever possible, we foster the use of renewable raw materials, especially those that can be derived from the waste products of other industries such as the paper or food industry.

By using these materials, we are currently able to offer products, epoxy resins, diluents and curing agents, which are up to 85% non-fossil bio-based raw materials. Steadily, we are substituting petroleum for natural feedstocks such as glycerines and other organic materials.
Products, processes and applications
In the synthesis of our products, reducing emissions and waste by reducing energy consumption, as well as the re-use of intermediates such as solvents, are of high importance.

We focus on providing our customers with formulations and systems which increase productivity and enable a better balance of CO2 emissions and waste. With market applications which can be found throughout the energy value chain, anticipating tomorrow’s needs for alternative energy defines the direction of our research and development.
Furthermore, recycling materials at the end of their life cycle is equally important. We are focused on innovative packaging, as well as disassembling polymerized thermosets, to further drive the use of recycled materials.

Optimizing the recycling of materials will enable us to be an even more sustainable partner to our customers. To learn more about Huntsman’s sustainability journey, visit the Huntsman Sustainability website.