Huntsman Advanced Materials - Consumer Adhesives
Consumer Adhesives Recognized as the strongest and most durable adhesive in the market place, Araldite® adhesives can be used on a wide variety of repairs and can bond virtually anything to anything – including glass, ceramic, leather, wood, metal, masonry, most hard plastics, rubber and many more materials. Long lasting and solvent free, Araldite® creates super strength, water resistant bonds that can be painted or sanded.

Araldite® Availability

Available in tubes and easy-to-use syringe packs, the Araldite® DIY adhesive range is wide enough to meet all a consumer’s needs for repair and assembly.
Always brand pioneer and innovative, a new eco-friendly range (recyclable packaging and label free formulations) was recently introduced in the European markets.

Araldite® adhesive is available from many retail outlets including DIY stores, hardware, hypermarkets, grocery outlets, trade stores and many others.

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