Synctactics / Edge Fill Materials

Araldite® and Epocast® syntactic and edge-fill products are specified and used by aircraft manufacturers, commercial airlines and general aviation. The majority of our portfolio is qualified to Boeing, Airbus, Goodrich, Gulfstream, Bombardier, Bell, Rohr or other OEM specifications and are listed as approved repair materials in Structural Repair Manuals and Service Bulletins.

Product Characteristics

Many of the epoxy-based products are flame retardant and exhibit the low flame, smoke and toxicity characteristics required to comply with regulations such as FAR 25.853. Huntsman Advanced Materials strives to meet the high product standards set forth by the industry and federal regulations that govern the performance properties of materials used in aircraft, such as:


• Strength
• Weight
• Toughness
• Flexibility
• Low coefficient of thermal expansion
• High resistance to corrosion and  
• Flame retardancy
• Halogen-free formulations
• Noise and vibrational dampening

 US Aerospace Selector Guide