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Industrial Adhesives

When it comes to assembling dissimilar substrates and/or lightweight composites, adhesives offer many advantages over mechanical joining techniques.  In contrast to using screws, bolts, rivets and fastening elements, adhesives enable the equal distribution of stress across the whole of the bond area. 

Types of adhesives

Huntsman’s expertise spans the three main structural adhesive categories as follows:

• Epoxy-based (EP) adhesives provide excellent adhesion to metals and rigid substrates such as thermoset plastics or composites, providing high strength, excellent durability, chemical and temperature resistance with low shrinkage
• Polyurethane-based (PU) adhesives are more suitable for thermoplastics and ideal for softer substrates
• Methylmethacrylate-based (MMA) adhesives are generally faster setting and provide excellent adhesion onto metals, composites and thermoplastics




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