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Electrical Engineering

For over 50 years we have supplied our customers throughout the world with insulating thermoset materials for motors, generators, switchgears, distribution and instrument transformers, and insulators and bushings for utility and industrial applications.

Our comprehensive product portfolio consists of high-performance, epoxy and polyurethane systems which are free of any volatile organic compounds (VOC) and thus offer an environmentally safer alternative to solvent-born systems. The products formulated by Huntsman are designed to provide an extended service life and meet specific industry requirements for electrical insulation in indoor and outdoor environments. They are support with a comprehensive technical data package which may include thermal conductivity, mechanical properties, shrinkage, water absorption and flame retardancy properties. In addition many of our products are UL-recognized and are designed to be compatible with insulation media such as air, mineral oil, SF6, mixtures of insulating gases or vacuum conditions.



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