About Altiris® pigment

ALTIRIS® infrared reflecting pigment is a novel solution for the coatings and polymers industries, designed to help reduce energy without compromising on color. When mixed with colored pigments the result is higher1 infrared reflectance in an unprecedented range of colorful coatings.

ALTIRIS® pigment has been engineered to give high solar reflectance by modifying rutile titanium dioxide crystal. The pigment is super durable.
There are two distinct products:
ALTIRIS® 800 pigment
  • Engineered to give optimal near-infrared / visible reflectance ratios.
  • Offers exceptionally low tint strength (approximately 25% if pigmentary titanium dioxide) for dark (L*<40), bright and vibrant colors with high solar refelctance.
  • Used where very little or no pigmentary titanium dioxide would be added as standard e.g. black and vibrant red colors.
ALTIRIS® 800 pigment
ALTIRIS® 550 pigment
  • Engineered for high solar reflectance
  • For the production of medium and light shades (L*>40)
    with high solar reflectance (tint strength is approximately 50% of pigmentary titanium dioxide).
ALTIRIS® 550 pigment

Footnote:1.Compared to TIOXIDE® pigment. Our specialist research team prepares coatings and polymers containing ALTIRIS® pigment and control samples using TIOXIDE® pigment with the same RAL index. We then compare Total Solar Reflectance using a Cary 5000 spectrophotometer. We use a method to measure heat build up in polymers based on 'Use of reflectance spectra to predict heat build up of pigmented PVC panels; Sullivan, Peak: 1993

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