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Huntsman is a leader in pigment research and development

Our latest innovation, ALTIRIS® infrared reflecting pigment, reflects the heat-generating infrared rays of the sun.

Working with an innovative coatings company, Huntsman has unveiled a project that will have people shouting the merits of their new product from the rooftops.

ALTIRIS® infrared reflecting pigment reflects solar energy so that structures coated using coatings that incorporate ALTIRIS® pigment can stay cooler for longer, helping to reduce energy consumption used for air conditioning.

And, that’s where this leading coatings firm comes in ...

The two companies have been working through a tailored integration process, that includes color matching to exacting standards, to create a new range of heat reflecting roof coatings that could have significant impact on the lives of the people in their region.

Not only can this new range of cool roof products help make people’s living conditions cooler, it can also help ease the strain on the regions’ overstretched power supplies by allowing people to turn down their air conditioning saving energy.

If enough people use the new cool roof coatings it could lead to a considerable reduction in electricity use, which could help reduce the need for blackouts.

The aesthetic value of Huntsman’s ALTIRIS® offer is that it can be used in bright and colorful coatings, so that instead of having to stick to white in very hot climates, a full and vivid range of color can be used.

Huntsman Pigments’ Sean Reid, said:

“ALTIRIS® infrared reflecting pigment can be used to reflect solar energy across a wide range of vibrant and dark colors. It was important to this customer that they had this color flexibility.”

The Technical Manager said:

“Huntsman has given us very valuable help and support. By working together, we have found optimising the product and our color palette is an easy task.”

The Brand Manager at the company said:

“We are delighted to be the first company in the region to use ALTIRIS® pigment in a commercial product. Having heat reflecting roofs is a cool idea.”

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