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ALTIRIS® infrared reflecting pigment for inks


Watermarks, holograms, intricate designs, flourescent imagery - these are some of the ways printers and paper makers make bank notes, pin numbers for use with bank cards, passports, even tickets and scratch cards difficult to counterfeit. However, new solutions are constantly needed to keep one step ahead of the fraudsters.

PIN numbers are generally distributed by post. The numbers can be hidden by scratchable, visually opaque overprinted panels, also used on lottery scratch cards. However, in some instances the panels although visually opaque, are transparent in the infrared region of the spectrum and devices can be used to see through overprinted panels to the contents beneath.

Huntsman's ALTIRIS® pigment is a strong near infrared reflector, which means when it is incorporated into the manufacture of overprinted panels for securty protection, it reflects near infrared light, helping to prevent fraudsters using infrared detection apparatus to see the information beneath.

ALTIRIS® pigment can also be used at high loadings in thin ink films to give strong visible opacity.

  Scratchable opaque over printed panel

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