How we test SRI

How we test ALTIRIS® pigment

How we test SRI


  It's important to us to check that our ALTIRIS® formulations can increase the solar
  reflectance of coatings and polymer products.

  To do this, our specialist research team prepares coatings containing ALTIRIS®
pigment and control samples containing TIOXIDE®TR60 pigment, with the same
  RAL index

  We then compare solar reflectance using a Cary 8000 spectrophotometer.

34oF (1.1oC) surface temperature reduction in black

In this jet black comparison we compare two formulations, one without ALTIRIS® pigment and one with ALTIRIS® pigment.

The theoretical maximum is calculated as follows:

  • UV reflectance 4%
  • Visible reflectance 8%
    (limited due to strong absorption
    to obtain color)
  • Infrared reflectance 53%
How we test SRI   
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