Solar reflection with color

ALTIRIS® infrared reflecting pigment can give colorful coatings and polymer products the power to reflect solar energy better 1, even in dark and vibrant shades

ALTIRIS® infrared reflecting pigment is specifically engineered to reflect infrared energy from the sun, and can have significant implications for energy efficiency, design, color flexibility and product durability

It's time to reflect

ALTIRIS® advantageTechnical information
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1.Compared to TIOXIDE® pigment. Our specialist research team prepares coatings and polymers containing ALTIRIS® pigment and control samples using TIOXIDE® pigment with the same RAL index. We then compare Total Solar Reflectance using a Cary 5000 spectrophotometer. We use a method to measure heat build up in polymers based on 'Use of reflectance spectra to predict heat build up of pigmented PVC panels; Sullivan, Peak: 1993





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