History in the '70s


Jon M. Huntsman leaves Dolco Packaging Corporation to form Huntsman Container Corporation in Fullerton, California.

While the first packaging plant is being built, Mr. Huntsman joins the Nixon Administration as Associate Administrator of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare and later serves as Special Assistant and Staff Secretary to President Nixon. 


First Huntsman Container Corporation plant is constructed in Fullerton, California.



Huntsman completes construction of second facility in Troy, Ohio.

Jon M. Huntsman leaves White House staff to become President and CEO of Huntsman Container Corporation.


Huntsman Container Corporation creates "clamshell" container for McDonald's Big Mac; invents as many as thirty other popular products, including the first plastic plates, bowls and fast-food containers.


Huntsman constructs first overseas facility in England. 

Jon M. Huntsman sells Huntsman Container Corporation to Keyes Fiber Company in a stock deal valued at $8 million; Mr. Huntsman agrees to be chief executive of the container business for four more years; also serves as Executive Vice President and a Director of Keyes Fiber Company.


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