History in the '80s

EPS packaging for grapes

Jon M. Huntsman forms Huntsman Chemical Corporation in Salt Lake City, Utah. Mr. Huntsman is Chairman and CEO.


Huntsman buys polystyrene plant in Belpre, Ohio from Shell Oil Company.


Huntsman offers polystyrene licensing; first licensing agreements are signed in Taiwan and Korea.


Huntsman completes second acquisition from Shell Chemical Company with the purchase of a polypropylene plant in Woodbury, New Jersey.


Huntsman names Ronald A Rasband President and Chief Operating Officer of Huntsman Chemical Corporation.



Huntsman completes purchase of a styrene manufacturing facility in Bayport, Texas from Hoechst Celanese Corporation.

In midst of steep drop in polystyrene prices, the company buys two polystyrene manufacturing facilities from
Hoechst Celanese Corporation; the plants are located in Chesapeake, Virginia and Peru, Illinois.


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