Huntsman is aware of a scam involving fraudulent job offers. Huntsman does not make job offers until after a candidate has submitted a job application and has participated in a face-to-face interview. Please be advised any job offer that requires payment or requires you to deposit a check is a scam.

Welcome to Huntsman’s Career Alchemy. Please come and explore!

We’re certain that you’ll find working at Huntsman a transformational experience. From the moment you start, you’ll be welcomed with open arms for your ideas, your accomplishments, and your potential.

You’ll find an energized and passionate team of professionals making products and providing solutions that impact all of us. Not to mention, you’ll create friendships that span the globe. Our accomplishments include energy-saving insulation in your home and office, improving your quality of life at work or home. Our high-flying adhesives and composite materials improve the energy efficiency and safety of air travel. We make your morning commute safer and more enjoyable thanks to our comfort seating and protective coatings for your car. And we’re there in your morning routine; did you notice the texture as you put on your favorite apparel? Our textile chemicals and dyes enhance the comfort, performance, and appearance of your clothing. There’s really no end to the markets we serve with our ingenuity and teamwork. When you join Huntsman, you’re becoming a part of a proud heritage of ideas that transform.

We have nearly 5,000 patents, granted and pending. With positions in 20 job groups, just imagine where your career could take you.


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We are committed to enriching lives through innovation. We are dedicated to sustainable chemistry and preservation of the environment.
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We are committed to providing an inclusive work environment to our employees.

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Our IROGRAN ®© TPUs in enhanced performance footwear are helping athletes smash new records and achieve champion status.
Wade Rogers, Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources
"Huntsman is a dynamic and growing global enterprise that produces chemicals that touch and enhance every aspect of your life."
Wade Rogers, Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources