Corporate Responsibility

Caring together. That's how Huntsman views corporate responsibility. The opportunity is greater now than ever to build deep community connections and create positive change across the globe. We believe it's important to use our skills and knowledge to effect powerful change. We do this through local initiatives that are organized by our associates because they strongly believe in giving back to their communities. We aim to invest in areas that are comprehensive in scope, broad-based in reach, and ongoing for the long term: combating cancer, supporting and improving education, providing global relief, promoting health and well-being, giving hope to the homeless, and fighting domestic violence.

Huntsman Founder and Chairman Jon M. Huntsman – whose parents both died of cancer and who is a cancer survivor himself – has a personal quest to prevent, diagnose, treat, and cure cancer. In addition to funding cancer research, he helped establish the Huntsman Cancer Institute and Hospitals. The Institute's team of internationally renowned specialists and researchers are working in diverse fields to reduce the rate of cancer deaths and to ease the burden of the disease. We invite you to learn more about the Huntsman Cancer Institute at