A Presence Around the World

We strive for excellence in all we do. We are a dynamic public company with highly skilled and talented people all over the world. We are all committed to innovation and diversity. We’re an organization that’s still learning – proud of our successes, yet continuously working to improve and grow. We are dedicated to sustainable chemistry, preservation of the environment, and giving back, and we take pride in our contributions to multiple global causes and charities.

Throughout our rise to prominence in the global chemical industry, we have kept our core values in place. We are committed to enriching lives through the innovation that results from employing expert and talented people who are passionate about developing and manufacturing the highest quality products. This passion for innovation is how Huntsman makes life better for our consumers.

Pick a Country! We’re there. We operate in four main regions:

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Francesco Regali, Global IT Director, The Woodlands, TX, US
"Family, respect, ethics, keeping their word, fierce and fair competition, 'winning' the right way –these are all aspects of Huntsman. They result in successful achievements, especially during very challenging projects and activities that require people from many different locations worldwide to work and live together. Seeing people from more than 20 different locations actively interacting and 'speaking one language' was a joy for me to experience."

- Francesco Regali, Global IT Director, The Woodlands, TX, US