Shanghai, China

We opened a $40 million Asia Pacific Regional Technology Center (ATC) in Shanghai's Minhang Economic & Technological Development Zone. This facility supports the rapidly growing demand for world-class technology and innovation from our customers across the Asia Pacific region. This expansion of our research and technology capability in this key region reflects our desire and commitment to grow in partnership with our customers. This center will be completely aligned to support Asia's fast-growing industries, including developing new energy-saving material solutions for our clients.


Singapore serves as the headquarters for our Textile Effects division, an ideal location to access the markets in China, India, and South-East Asia. This proximity allows our associates to have greater customer access and increased effectiveness in our manufacturing abilities.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

With a culture built around a formula of support, collaboration and partnership, choosing a career with Huntsman Malaysia is simply good chemistry. Our Malaysia team in Kuala Lumpur is a shining example of innovation and talent. The KL office is home to our dynamic Global Business Services team who support strategic and transactional services for Huntsman from our Shared Service Center. Opportunities abound here in IT and Accounting. We invest in the future of our people through on-the-job training and career coaching. You can experience classroom training and workshops, overseas training and online training courses to list a few. Our Talent Program, rotational assignments and Buddy programs help guide your career path to long-term success. As you grow professionally, you’ll be supported with robust compensation, comprehensive benefits and a spirit of belonging. If you are looking for challenging work, dynamic opportunities and a supportive culture, you’ll find good chemistry at our KL office.

Taipei, Taiwan

Welcome to Taipei! This vibrant city is the capital of Taiwan and home to one of Huntsman Textile Effects' most important offices. At this facility, we concentrate on sales, marketing, customer service, office administration, and purchasing. We also have a laboratory and perform technical work. Ours is a tight-knit group and an excellent team spirit is our secret to producing high quality work. Furthermore, there's always flexibility with time and support for us when we need it. Most of our staff take the Taipei Metro (MRT) or bus and the station is just a short walk away from our office. For the few who drive, we have parking available. We welcome you to one of the world's most exciting and active cities. Make your way to a baseball game, try your hand at Mahjong, or just soak in the bustle and the lights.

Tokyo, Japan

Huntsman's Tokyo team is as lively and energetic as the city itself. Our office primarily deals with sales in the Advanced Materials, Polyurethanes, and Performance Products areas. Very close to the world-famous Tokyo Tower, our team works hard and then relaxes either in the cafeteria, by the coffee machine, or at nearby restaurants. Some of the world's most impressive shopping malls are just moments away from our doors. Most of our associates come to work by train and there's a station five minutes from us. Our commitment to Huntsman and love for this city constantly energize us.

Guangzhou, China

Working here, it's easy to confuse the office with a retreat. Our facility is equipped with many amenities; gym, basketball court, an auditorium, kitchen, and canteen. Our facility is a manufacturing site for the Textile Effects and Advanced Materials divisions. We're also home to the corporate office for purchasing, finance, IT, communication, HR, and EHS (Environment, Health and Safety). Our two primary goals are safety and employee satisfaction. We've been selected as a model company in terms of EHS standards by the government and we have an employee recreation club to ensure a work-life balance. Employees can take a shuttle bus to work or if they're driving, we have free parking. Our facility is adjacent to a hill providing us with a great view. We participate in many activities; for instance, TE and AdMat both participated in the local Dragon Boat Festival's racing event. Here in Guangzhou, we're blessed with a work environment that we didn't even know was possible.

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