Huntsman's Business Divisions
Huntsman has a proven record of scientific and technological innovation. With our expanding product portfolio, our presence in global markets is growing. We are widely recognized as a trusted partner and supplier of key products, essential to industries throughout the world. Our chemical products number in the thousands and are sold worldwide to meet the needs of consumers and manufacturers serving a broad range of markets. We operate more than 75 manufacturing, R&D and operations facilities in over 30 countries and employ approximately 10,000 associates within our four distinct business divisions.

Polyurethanes: We're a global leader in MDI-based polyurethanes, serving over 3,500 customers in more than 90 countries. We have world-scale production facilities in the USA, China, and the Netherlands with over 20 highly capable downstream-formulation facilities located close to our customers. From laboratory discoveries to managerial support, our Polyurethanes division is always looking for passionate people to join our team.

Advanced Materials: We have a long heritage of creating high-performance epoxy, polyurethane, and acrylic-based polymer products. We currently serve over 2,000 customers in 80 countries with more than 1,500 products. From high-performance tooling and composite materials to strong and reliable adhesives, Huntsman Advanced Materials' product portfolio offers solutions to satisfy many of today's engineering challenges.

Performance Products: Huntsman Performance Products is a leading global producer of intermediate chemistries and technologies that add value and competitive advantage to customers worldwide. We provide 2,000 products to a customer base of 4,000 in over 100 countries. Performance Products operates across 20 manufacturing sites and employs over 2,000 people. Our integrated families of industrial and consumer-oriented intermediates are primarily based on amines, surfactants, carbonates, glycols, and maleic anhydride. We've been working on maximizing the recovery of established fossil fuels and manipulating materials at a molecular level. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Textile Effects: We're the leading global provider of high-quality dyes and chemicals to the textile and related industries. With operations in 110 countries and 14 manufacturing facilities in 12 countries, including the USA, China, India, and Germany, Huntsman Textile Effects is uniquely positioned to provide fast and expert technical service wherever our customers are based.

Animal health We create new pest control systems and animal health products that increase yields with minimal environmental impact.

Scott Wilder
"Although we’re comprised of five very distinct and independent divisions, each of them knits with the others via a strong shared-services environment. This serves as the best-practices conduit between each business, offering synergies and expertise to benefit the organization as a whole. Huntsman is dynamic, streetwise, and adaptable."
- Scott Willder, Senior Director Accounting Shared Services APAC, Deer Park, Victoria, Australia