Community Involvement

At Huntsman, we believe it is our responsibility to make a difference in the lives of others in our communities. We support a variety of social causes, which includes cancer research, educational initiatives, global aid, and preventing homelessness and domestic violence, among others. We encourage personal involvement and helping individuals within our communities.

Our Umbogintwini, South Africa, site has continuously transformed in its 50 years to help ensure a sustainable and competitive economic future. The site's transformation program focuses on support for the local community and managing and monitoring the site's impact on the environment. Umbogintwini received Top Honors in the Chief Executive's Award for Innovation in Sustainability, which recognizes the unique things Huntsman associates around the world are doing to help create a better world through innovative solutions for society. Umbogintwini was applauded for its range of community programs, its care for the local aquatic environment and biodiversity, and for ensuring that the site can operate profitably and viably throughout the business cycle. In true Umbogintwini style, the award's $15,000 prize money will be used to continue support for education in the underprivileged areas nearby.

Huntsman Polyurethanes' site in Colombia is situated in Cartagena's low-income, industrial district of El Bosque, and has long stood as a source of support for both industry and the community. The site has found meaningful fulfillment within the community through the Huntsman Colombia Foundation, which was established in 2004 to promote physical and mental health education and productive choices among its neighbors. The non-profit organization provides a variety of health and social services to children and adults throughout the neighborhood, serving four vital needs: health, housing, education, and employment options. Huntsman employees serve as the organization's administrative staff, providing hands-on support to the volunteers, medical professionals, and thousands of patients they have served since the program began.

"There are many programs that encourage our associates to get involved in local community initiatives—education in South Africa, turtle breeding sites in Malaysia, and many more. In the UK, we have a number of initiatives to support local charities on a matched funding basis. We also get involved with local schools by supporting their fundraising events."