Career Development At Huntsman, we pride ourselves on being a people-oriented organization. Our 10,000 associates help develop products and services used by people around the world. Over the years, we have earned a solid reputation as an innovative and ambitious chemical company. This success is a result of our unique culture, which inspires associates to explore, discover, and invent. Huntsman is committed to the growth of our associates throughout their careers; therefore, we provide challenging experiences that will broaden your skills and abilities. This includes personalized training and development plans as well as carefully mapped job
 changes and career progression. Huntsman has a Talent Bank, which helps managers/management to focus on developing the internal talents of the company. On top of that, the Global Foundation program is a tool that equips associates with the skill and knowledge to face bigger and more challenging roles.

Paul Machin
"Being selected to take over as site manager from my previous role as operations manager came as a very welcomed surprise and was a great opportunity for me to develop my skills within a new role. The recent site restructure at Duxford has been a major development for the site and I have been given the room to deliver this without interference." -
Paul Machin,
Site Manager, Duxford, UK