Huntsman Invoice Guidelines (EAME) Dear Vendors,
Kindly note that all required information must match with the purchase order details. Paper invoices must be submitted AFTER completion of the work and after delivery of the goods.

Invoices that do not contain all of the required information are deemed incomplete and will not be processed

  • Requests for the supply of goods and/or services without PO should not be accepted. You must ensure that you have a valid PO number before commencing any services or delivering the goods (exception non- PO/urgent orders).
  • Huntsman will only pay for goods and services specified on the PO. Any variations in quantity or price should be agreed and processed in the PO first before sending invoices. 
  • If you are submitting a credit note, please ensure you quote the corresponding invoice number and PO number as reference against which the credit note is being issued. This will enable us to account it appropriately.

Please see below for a sample copy of an ideal invoice. This invoice contains all the relevant details required for invoice processing.


Invoice Example


Urgent request - delivery of goods and services

After working hours, it may, in extreme circumstances, be necessary to request the delivery of goods and/or services via telephone or email. In such cases, the site representative will provide a Purchase Requisition number as provisional reference to the supplier. On the next working day, the purchasing department will contact the supplier and process a PO based on the agreed terms and conditions.

Click on the below links for EAME Invoice Addresses and/or Query Email Addresses:

Huntsman Invoice addresses per legal entity 
Huntsman Query email address