Delivering Innovation with Purpose
Delivering Innovation with Purpose

Innovation is critical to the growth and sustainability of our business. As emerging technologies continue to redefine our customers’
needs, we must remain agile through innovation to meet ever-changing demands in an extremely competitive marketplace.
At Huntsman, innovation is threaded into the fabric of how we operate – and has been from the very beginning. Our company has a
proven record of scientific and technological innovation. We have nearly 5,000 patents (granted and pending), an expanding inventory of products
and an increasing presence in worldwide markets..

Innovation remains at the forefront of our business with our world-class research and development (R&D) and technology facilities
around the globe. Huntsman has more than a dozen R&D sites and advanced technology centers in Everberg, Belgium; Mumbai,
India; The Woodlands, Texas; and Shanghai, China. Our associates at these facilities work every day to deliver practical innovation
driven by our stakeholders’ needs.


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