Huntsman and REACH
REACH places greater responsibility on industry to manage the risks that chemicals may pose to human health and the environment. Huntsman is prepared for REACH and embraces its objectives of ensuring adequate protection of human health and the environment, consistent with the company’s own corporate philosophy.
 Registration Registration requires manufacturers and importers to obtain relevant information on chemical substances manufactured in, or imported to, the European Environment Agency market in quantities greater than one tonne per year. It involves submitting a technical dossier containing information on the substance, and information on how to effectively manage the risks entailed with using it. Quantities above 10 tonnes per year additionally require the submission of a Chemical Safety Report (CSR) to document the safety assessment of the substance.
Evaluation Evaluation allows the regulatory authorities to decide on proposals for further testing and assess whether information provided by industry complies with requirements (dossier evaluation). For selected substances for which a risk to health or the environment is suspected, substance evaluation provides a mechanism to require industry to obtain more information. Evaluation may also lead to the conclusion that action should be taken under the restrictions or authorization procedures.
 Authorization may be required for SVHCs (substances of very high concern), carcinogens, mutagens or substances toxic to the reproductive system (CMR), and substances that are persistent, bio-accumulative and toxic (PBT), very persistent and very bio-accumulative (vPvB) or of equivalent concern. Restrictions are the safety net of the system. Any substance on its own, in a preparation, or in an article, may be subject to community-wide restrictions if its use poses unacceptable risks to health or the environment. Restrictions can be decided for the use of a substance in certain products, use by consumers, or even for all uses (complete ban).
Chemicals In principle, REACH applies to all CHemicals used in industrial processes, including raw materials, intermediates and final products. In addition, coolants, oils, hydraulic fluids, equipment maintenance and lab chemicals, as well as items people use daily, like cleaning products, paints, furniture, clothes and appliances.
Implementation and timing
Implementation and timing

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