Huntsman ‘free-from’ formulations help cosmetic industry meet consumer needs

It was the chemical industry that brought the foam to skin and hair care products, giving consumers a sensory cleaning experience. But as concerns have bubbled up about skin irritation from the surfactants used, Huntsman Corporation has responded with specialty “free from” formulations.

“Mainstream cosmetic companies are now looking to reformulate top selling products using high purity, mild surfactants that are ultra kind, yet still extremely effective cleansing, emulsifying and lathering agents,” says Karen Frederix, Global SBU Director for Home and Personal Care, Huntsman Performance Products. “We created a new business unit for Personal Care in 2011 with a dedicated marketing and technology team to focus on the ‘free from’ mega trend in this market. Huntsman’s basic ‘We Care’ philosophy drives all of our personal care activities.”

For many years the creation of shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, soaps and toothpaste has relied on ingredients that contain sulfates, silicone or ethylene oxide (EO). To enable cosmetic companies to still make creamy, rich formulations that deliver long-lasting effects, without these chemicals, Huntsman is helping cosmetic formulators to develop “free from” consumer products based on sustainable, naturally derived feedstocks.

“Many formulators assume that creating products free from EO, sulphate and silicone means compromising on performance or taking on a significant increase in raw material costs,” Frederix says. “We’re developing mild personal care products with exactly the same processing benefits and end effects. Working with masters of molecular science from Huntsman, manufacturers have access to a range of functional chemistries that allow them to drive more value from their brand.”

Huntsman’s We Care brochure details the “free from” active ingredients for beauty and personal care products. The charts of formulations include lists of ingredients not only from Huntsman, but also from complementary suppliers.

“In the formulations we used some ingredients not present in our portfolio. We think it’s beneficial for the producers and for the customers to find synergies between the companies,” Frederix explains.

Huntsman’s Personal Care team is continuing to develop new active ingredients and special effects, including emulsifiers, foam boosters, stabilizers, conditioners, thickeners, mild components, and pearlizing and dispersing agents. “With consumer health, comfort and satisfaction in mind at all times, we are strongly committed to the ongoing development of environmentally sustainable formulations that work hand in hand with our customers’ own chemistries to enhance personal care and wellbeing in all its many forms,” Frederix concludes.

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