Huntsman Recycles the Equivalent of Approximately
One Billion Plastic Bottles into its TEROL® Performance Polyols Line

Huntsman’s Polyurethanes Division recycled the equivalent of nearly 1 billion 500ml plastic bottles into its TEROL® aromatic polyester polyols line in 2014. As part of Huntsman’s commitment to sustainability, the TEROL line incorporates pre-consumer, post-consumer and renewable content equivalent to recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles.

According to Stanford University, on average, it takes 76 percent less energy to produce a product from recycled plastic than from raw materials.

“Given concerns for the environment, polyurethane raw materials that contain recycled and renewable content can help contribute to more sustainable products and end uses,” said Les Yamato, Business Manager, TEROL Polyols, Huntsman Polyurethanes.

To determine these figures for its Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Environment audit purposes, Huntsman Polyurethanes reviewed the total PET bottles it used in 2014. Taking an average bottle weight of 10 grams per water bottle and 453.6 grams per pound, the final numbers totaled almost 1 billion 500 ml PET bottles.

PET is one of the world’s most widely produced plastics, used in fibers for textiles, bottles for drinks and water, films for packaging, and other industrial and consumer uses. Any form of PET can be used for the manufacture of aromatic polyester polyols via the trans-esterification process.

Late last year, Huntsman became the first U.S. polyol manufacturer to receive the UL Environment certification for one of its polyols – TEROL 563 aromatic polyester polyol.

With hydroxyl values ranging from 120 to 350, Huntsman offers one of the broadest ranges of aromatic polyester polyols for rigid foam thermal insulation applications. Additionally, Huntsman’s polyol solutions can be tailored to meet customer specifications across the insulation value chain, including boardstock, SPF, insulated metal panels, structural insulated panels, appliances and commercial refrigeration.

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