27 Feb 13
Huntsman Promotes a Range of Innovations at ECS
Huntsman Promotes a Range of Innovations at ECS

European Coatings Show, 19-21 March 2013, Nürnberg Messe, Germany
Hall 7 Stand 7-563

EVERBERG, Belgium – Huntsman, a global manufacturer and marketer of differentiated chemicals, today announced that it will exhibit at the European Coatings Show (ECS) in March.  Huntsman manufactures an extensive portfolio of global brands and technologies including amines and adhesives, carbonates and curing agents, isocyanates and surfactants, polyurethanes and titanium dioxide pigments, all designed to help customers drive value and performance from their adhesive, inks, coatings and paint formulations.  At this year’s ECS Huntsman will showcase a range of recent innovations including:

  • Amine extender for color stability in polyurea spray coatings: JEFFLINK® 136 diamine, a new cycloaliphatic amine chain extender designed to create color stable polyurea spray coatings and which is both user and environmentally friendly.
  • Aromatic-free curing agent for decorative floor toppings: New ARADUR® 20317 curing agent with outstanding low yellowing benefits is free of aromatics.  Used in combination with liquid epoxy resins especially such as ARALDITE® DY-T resin, ARADUR® 20317 curing agent is suitable for the production of epoxy resin coatings. With its exceptional low tendency to yellowing and chalking and its resistance to mechanical stresses, ARADUR® 20317 curing agent is a preferred component for the formulation of decorative floor toppings.
  • Curing agent for multilayer coatings: New ARADUR® 20315 curing agent has exceptional chemical resistance properties for use in all types of multilayer coatings in moderate to warm climates.
  • Energy saving infrared reflecting pigment f or coatings: ALTIRIS® infrared reflecting pigment, Huntsman’s latest titanium dioxide pigment innovation, was developed in response to a global challenge to help reduce energy consumption.  ALTIRIS® pigment is designed to increase the solar reflectance of colored coatings and is already winning industry awards.
  • Fast binding platform for adhesives: VITROX® composite resin technology is a new binding platform for adhesive applications that offers high heat stability, long pot life, very fast cycle times and is ideal for formulations that need to cure quickly at moderate temperatures, for example on heat sensitive substrates such as plastics.
  • Fast cycloaliphatic amine for low temperature curing: New XTA-801 cycloaliphatic amine that offers low viscosity, low color and high reactivity, and is ideal for use in coatings, flooring, tooling, adhesives and composite applications.  When combined with commercial JEFFAMINE® polyetheramine (PEA) hardeners, this product provides enhanced glass transition temperatures, modulus and hardness, and improved chemical resistance and low temperature curing properties.
  • Isocyanate prepolymer for fire retardant polyurea:  A new isocyanate prepolymer that makes it possible to embed fire retardant properties in polyurea.  Reflecting market requirements, this development has the potential to improve fire safety performance of a variety of applications, for example in coating concrete and steel structures in multi-storey car parks.
  • Low vapor cleaning agent: New SURFONIC® PR-10 cleaner is a concentrated blend of soy-based ethoxylates, with plant-derived methyl esters and other ingredients to provide a cleaner that is neutral in pH. This cleaner is designed to remove pigmented inks from printing presses and pigment disper sions from processing equipment. The low volatility results in more efficient cleaning and less vapor emissions compared to conventional solvents.
  • Novel epoxy curing agent: JEFFAMINE® RFD-270 amine, a new PEA epoxy curing agent that offers low viscosity, low color, higher glass transition temperatures and faster property development than other solutions typically available.
  • Special sulphosuccinates for overprint varnished in food packaging: Developed, for use in overprint varnish as wetting agent to have better substrate adhesion, these new products from Huntsman have a low residual ester (DEHM), which allows the formulation of low migrating overprint varnishes for use in food packaging. The active content is FDA approved. EMPIMIN® OT 75 overprint varnish is a sodium di-octyl sulphosuccinate in water/ethanol solution. EMPIMIN® OP 70 overprint varnish is a sodium di-octyl sulphosuccinate in water/propylene glycol solution.
  • Wood bonding isocyanates: A new range of structural and non-structural wood bonding solutions for the adhesives market. With a broad range of isocyanates available to combine with polyols, Huntsman can help formulators develop adhesives with a far greater application window than is currently possible with solutions available to the existing parquet glue market.

Huntsman’s Dr Robert Portsmouth will present a technical paper concerning solar reflectance at the European Coatings Congress on March 18, 2013.  Huntsman will deliver show-floor presentations about its new fire retardant isocyanate prepolymer and about ALTIRIS® pigment at the European Coatings Show.

Huntsman strives to work with its customers to help provide them with the solutions they need today and to develop technologies for the future.  If you are visiting the ECS and would like to arrange a meeti ng with a member of the Huntsman team, or would like to find out more about how Huntsman can help meet your needs, please contact:

Jane Williamson
Tel: +44 1740 608078


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