03 Nov 15
Huntsman to Take Comprehensive Collection of Coating Chemistries to ChinaCoat
Huntsman to Take Comprehensive Collection of Coating Chemistries to ChinaCoat

ChinaCoat 2015, 18-20 November 2015 - Shanghai New International Expo, Shanghai, China
Visit Huntsman at Stand E05-12 in Hall E4


Shanghai, CHINA – Coatings experts from three of Huntsman’s five business divisions will be at ChinaCoat in Shanghai this November to speak to attendees about the company’s comprehensive collection of chemistries.

At this year’s ChinaCoat, Huntsman will place special emphasis on chemistries that can enhance the processing and functionality of waterborne coatings – which are growing in popularity as global and regional environmental standards become increasingly stringent.

The business will also launch two new waterborne epoxy curing agents. Available under the ARADUR® brand, the new products are designed for use in construction and anti-corrosive coatings. Part of a wider portfolio of ARADUR® products that will be promoted at ChinaCoat the new products are:

  • ARADUR® 3951 multi-functional polyamide curing agent. Developed for the formulation of two-component anti-corrosion primers for metal, zinc-rich primers and direct-to-metal (DTM) coatings for industrial, marine and shipping container applications, ARADUR® 3951 can help create coatings with a low VOC content, quick drying properties, a long pot life and excellent corrosion protection
  • ARADUR® 36 waterborne epoxy curing agent. Delivering high gloss and good UV resistance, ARADUR® 36 agent is ideal for use in epoxy flooring and wall coatings, and systems created for other civil engineering projects.

Huntsman produces a broad range of chemical products and systems that formulators can use to drive performance at all stages of coatings manufacture and app lication. Other chemistries under the spotlight at ChinaCoat will include Huntsman’s JEFFAMINE® M series of polyetheramines. Colorless and easy to handle, these performance chemistries are used to modify epoxy resins and prepare high performance waterborne emulsions. JEFFAMINE® M1000 polyetheramine, which is a white and waxy solid at room temperature, can be used in the emulsification of epoxy resins, while JEFFAMINE® M2070 polyetheramine is a water-soluble monofunctional primary amine that can be used to modify a variety of resin types.

In addition, Huntsman will use ChinaCoat to showcase a range of pigments and additives that can potentially help coating formulators optimize the manufacture, performance, vibrancy and longevity of paints and coatings – both solvent and water-based. Products include:

  • ADDIPASTTM and CARBOFINTM carbon black dispersions
  • ALTIRIS® pigments to increase the solar reflectance of colored coatings
  • COLORPLEX® inorganic pigments for demanding coating applications
  • DELTIO® 81X free flowing pigment for weather resistance, whiteness and gloss
  • DISPERFIN® and TIMBASOL® pigment dispersions for wood coatings
  • FERROXIDE® iron oxide pigments for clean orange, red and yellow shades
  • JEFFLINK® chain extenders for color stable spray elastomers and coatings
  • SOLAPLEX® yellow and orange pigments for indirect food contact applications
  • SACHTLEBEN® and TIOXIDE® titanium dioxide pigments for printing inks
  • TIOXIDE® TR88 titanium dioxide pigment for low-VOC and water-based paints
  • TINTERSOL® stir-in dispersions for decorative paints and indu strial coatings
  • TRANS-OXIDE® transparent iron oxide pigments available in red, yellow and brown
  • Easy to disperse ULTRAMARINE TR pigments for the delivery of unique blue shades that offer optimum transparency and high strength.




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