Who we are Core competencies

Typically operating at the building blocks stage of the specialty chemicals value chain, Huntsman helps formulators to create measurable market value by:

  • Making new molecules with unique features that enable market differentiation
  • Engineering processes to enable more efficient manufacturing
  • Enabling formulators to benefit from proprietary patented technologies.
Our history is one of global acquisitions supported by strategic investment to encourage the development of core strengths across the company. Looking ahead, Huntsman is focused on maintaining its strengths in established territories while expanding its presence in emerging markets. Key milestones include:
Sustainability and green growth

Huntsman is an innovation leader in sustainability. Our products are currently used in renewable energy applications such as solar and wind energy and in lithium ion batteries. Recently commercialized bio-based products include surfactants made from bio-diesel, polyols for urethane foam made from soybean oil and a specialty solvent made from glycerol.

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