Our products add value to sustainable, next-generation energy solutions from lithium-ion batteries to solar panels for electric storage and power. Our ceramic processing chemicals are made into a variety of every day electronics, mobile devices, touchscreen technologies, transmitters, transformers and optical coatings applications. 

Batteries and electronics for manufacturing and mobility 

Mobile electronics

Chemistries for solar energy and  industrial performance

Battery Storage: Huntsman is a world leader and innovator in high-purity cyclic carbonates, and major supplier of carbonate electrolyte solvents to the lithium-ion battery market. High-quality ethylene carbonate and propylene carbonate, used as electrolyte solvents, are critical to the reliable operation and long working life of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Commonly used in consumer electronics, lithium-ion batteries are also found in military and aerospace applications as well as in electric vehicles. With Huntsman's skill in ultra high-purity carbonates manufacturing, world-scale production capacity and our integrated raw materials position, we are ideally placed to meet fast-growing global demand. Our high-purity cyclic carbonates are marketed under the ULTRAPURE® brand.

Electronics: Global semiconductor and electronics companies use our extensive range of high purity amines and environmentally friendly solvents for such applications as semiconductor photoresist strippers and cleaners; CMP slurries and post-CMP cleaners; electrolytic and electroless plating of wafers and circuit boards; reflow fluids for circuit board soldering fluxes; and sapphire and silicon wafer cutting fluids.


Solar Energy: To optimize efficiency and reduce the production costs of photovoltaic solar cells and outdoor power transmission applications, we are developing advanced liquid polymers for reliable performance in adverse climates and temperature extremes. We can also create key components for hydrophobic epoxy resin-based insulation.


We are developing next-generation heat transfer fluids for concentrated solar power generation that are safer and more environmentally friendly, with less breakdown and longer lifespans.



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