Gas Treating Chemicals

Huntsman has been a leader in gas processing technology for over 60 years. Some of the world’s largest natural gas producers and crude oil refiners rely on Huntsman’s gas treating amines to remove undesirable compounds from refinery and natural gas streams in order to make their products safe for domestic or industrial use. Also known as gas conditioning, gas treating uses amine solutions to absorb unwanted acid gases such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide.


License with Huntsman


We offer a comprehensive licensing approach, starting with plant design through start-up, including operator training and follow-up. With this approach, we support you throughout the licensing lifecycle on specific aspects of your project, including:

Licensing Support

Huntsman makes a variety of amines that can be customized to treat almost any inlet gas composition. We offer a number of products including:

  • Huntsman's DIGLYCOLAMINE® (DGA®) Agent can be used for acid gas removal in both liquid and gas phase treating.
  • We offer JEFFTREAT® solvents for every application from Tail Gas Treating Units and Acid Gas Enrichment Units to refineries and gas plants, to NH3, H2 and LNG pre-treatments applications.
  • Huntsman is a sub-licensor of SCOT technology and produces the only gas treating solvent used in Shell's new SCOT ULTRA technology.
  • Our new JEFFTREAT® Ultra family of H2S selective solvents can boost the performance of existing plants and reduce the CAPEX and OPEX costs of new plants.

Huntsman Solvents for Acid Gas Processing



Our global manufacturing footprint, our operational expertise, attention to product quality, competent technical support and state-of-the-art analytical service combine to form a solid platform for reliability and success. With a dedicated team of gas treating experts, we can assist customers in optimizing their gas conditioning operations and offer troubleshooting support. Our engineers use the most advanced analytical systems to provide comprehensive laboratory testing and reporting on customer amine samples.


Learn more about Huntsman's wide variety of intermediates, formulations and specialty processes for use under license, by visiting Technology Licensing.


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Quadra Chemicals the distributor for Huntsman’s gas treating and refinery business across North America. Quadra Customer Service:

USA:, Tel: 800-681-2313

CANADA:, Tel: 1-800-665-6553



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As a leading manufacturer and licensor of multiple gas treating technologies, Huntsman can leverage the technical and project management expertise of its team to deliver guaranteed licensing solutions. From planning to production, our team relies on Huntsman proprietary technologies to add value to our customers' business.