Performance Additives for the Metalworking Industry

Huntsman is a global producer of key additives used in formulations throughout the metalworking industry. These specialty additives enhance corrosion inhibition and protect tools, ensuring easier processing through lubrication and reducing heat generation.

Our global R&D capabilities and extensive experience with metalworking applications, coupled with our broad expertise in alkoxylation and amine chemistries, allow us to design custom solutions that address unique industry challenges. We are committed to supporting customers with global technical expertise through our Advanced Technology Centers around the world.



Product Literature

Product Overview

 Multifunctional Amines - ad in TLT Magazine  

Multi-functional Specialty Amines: Huntsman offers a range of specialty amines tailored for the metalworking industry. Our JEFFADD™ products are easy to formulate and impart multiple benefits within each formulation, including low staining on aluminum, low foaming, tramp oil rejection and corrosion protection. They can also enhance fluid life by increasing the pH stability of metalworking fluid formulations.

 Specialty amines for synthetic and semisynthetic metal working fluids to enhance performance and pH stability.  

Performance Amines: Huntsman offers DGA™ agent, MDEA and polyetheramines. Compared with amino-alcohols commonly used in metalworking, DGA™ agent and MDEA are biodegradable, combining superior performance with improved health and safety profiles. Huntsman’s range of polyetheramines improve lubricity, reserve alkalinity and low foaming characteristics to metalworking fluid formulations.

 Performance Additives - Low foaming emulsifiers for metalworking fluids including alkoxylated alcohols and synthetic sodium sulfonates.  

Huntsman Product Line: We are committed to producing the highest quality amines and related chemicals. We continuously innovate to address imminent industry needs and current challenges. Huntsman customers benefit from our deep expertise in the chemistry of metalworking formulations, powered by our global network of production, supply and technical support.


Huntsman also supplies lubricants used in engines, hydraulic and mechanical systems.