Our approach to innovation
Day in, day out, we monitor industry trends and interpret key market dynamics, responding with novel molecular formulations that can be manipulated for environmental, technological and commercial gain. Sometimes the innovation strands within our R&D program are independent and proactive. Sometimes they are collaborative and customer-led. Regardless of origin, when it comes to innovation, we push the molecular functionality of our chemicals to its limits – creating sustainable solutions to help enhance the world we live in.
Innovating with Huntsman
Select Huntsman as your innovation partner and you’ll experience:
  • Continual respect for your business and your role in the value chain.
  • Access to a diverse product range and extensive molecular libraries.
  • Applications expertise in selected markets.
  • The benefits of a global manufacturing footprint.
  • Effective technology transfer between markets and regions.
  • Scaled development opportunities from jars to rail cars.
  • A flexible approach to IP protection.
Our role in the chemical value chain
Our global R&D network
Our R&D structure
Our innovation capabilities
Cross-market technologies

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