Developing surfactants, amines, solvents and surface functional materials for use in agrochemicals is second nature to Huntsman. For years our chemists have helped formulators at the forefront of agricultural science create new pest control systems and animal health products that increase yields with minimal environmental impact. Our focus on low toxicity, low odor, inert agricultural ingredients can improve the performance of pest control delivery systems for most types of farming across all continents. Formulation experience includes emulsifiable concentrates, water dispersible granules, wettable powders, suspo- and micro-emulsions, capsule suspensions, low aquatic toxicity adjuvants and compatibilizers that enable the creation of innovative turn-key products. We have also created and commercialized a number of proprietary licensed technologies. And, with strong agricultural credentials, our work isn't limited to the laboratory. Collaborating with regional environmental agencies and agricultural specialists in the field, we have developed numerous chemical components that have quickly gained tolerance exemptions – making it easier for customers to navigate even the most complex regulatory landscapes.


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solvent chemistries for organic and inorganic materials.


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