Huntsman is a global supplier of amines, surfactants and other chemicals widely used in oilfield operations by formulators of finished oilfield products and major oilfield service companies.

Our products are used throughout the oil production process in a variety of applications: corrosion inhibitors, demulsifiers and paraffin dispersants, drilling additives, cementing super-plasticizers and repair systems for cementing failures.

We also offer an outstanding range of specialist technologies, world-scale manufacturing, a global distribution network and in-depth understanding of regulatory compliance issues for the oil and gas industry. Huntsman is a well placed partner for choosing the right chemical solutions to your oilfield challenges. 


Clay Control in Drilling & Completion brochure


Clay Control in Drilling and Completion

Current methods of clay control involve both polymers and ammonium compounds. Polymers stabilize clays by reducing the rate of water penetration into the shale, while amines and ammonium compounds inhibit swelling by chemical means. Find out how Huntsman solutions for clay control can be applied to your oilfield operations.

Products for Oilfield Applications brochure


Products for Oilfield Applications

This brochure provides an overview of Huntsman's range of drilling, cementing and production chemicals including corrosion and scale inhibitors, demulsifiers, as well as paraffin and asphaltene control.









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