Whatever the requirement, adhesive and sealant manufacturers need failproof formulations with the strength and resilience to perform in the most demanding conditions. Huntsman develops specialty chemicals for adhesives and sealants that are versatile, robust and characterized by excellent resistance and load-bearing traits. Applications span the full adhesive and sealant spectrum including epoxy resins, rubber crumb, sandwich construction, panel laminating, packaging, latex adhesives, reactive hot-melt adhesives and one and two component polyurethane systems. With the emphasis on sustainable chemistries, customized formulations can be developed for diverse applications including: aerospace; automotive; boat building; construction; DIY; DVD production; electronics; energy and utilities; filtration equipment; flooring materials; general industry; liquid natural gas containers; medical equipment; natural stone products; packaging; wood materials; and wind turbine technologies. We also offer amine neutralizers and alkanolamines to control the performance and acidity of acrylic and vinyl-based adhesives and sealants.


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brings resilience and a fast setting time to adhesives


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