Polyetheramines are widely used in composite applications. Providing the critical balance between strength and flexibility, they find use in some of the most demanding composite applications such as wind turbine blades and parts for the aerospace industry. Polymer composite products have been used for decades to replace wood, metal and concrete. Their ability to provide resistance to environmental degradation, high strength and stiffness, lightweight, design flexibility and high dielectric strength is unparalleled.

Major applications include engineered stone, sinks, baths, boats, automobiles, trucks, wind turbine blades, tanks, sports equipment, bridge decks, aerospace and liquid storage tanks. More recently, composites have also become a means for introducing renewable materials into the construction and transportation industries by incorporating renewable chemicals into the polymer and renewable fibers into parts.


Key products

polyetheramine epoxy curatives available in monoamine, diamine, triamine and secondary amine versions. The range includes:

– polyamides and amidoamines to extend pot life, improve film flexibility and increase adhesion to various substrates

– reactive polyamides promoting adhesion in polyvinyl chloride coatings

– pre-polymers


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