Huntsman is at the cutting edge of textile processing providing chemicals that improve the pre-treatment, production and finishing of man-made and natural fibers including cotton / cellulose blends, polyamide, acrylic, polyester and nylon. At the same time, we are continuously developing chemistries that can significantly reduce water and energy consumption, as well as carbon dioxide emissions during textile processing. Our general textile surfactants offer excellent broad spectrum performance and can be added to scouring, bleaching, decreasing, desizing, washing, causticizing and mercerizing products to eliminate all sorts of impurities during early stage processing. We offer a broad range of surfactants designed for use during dyeing and printing stages, for example, to create vivid color effects. To ensure a perfect finish, our formulations can be customized to enhance properties such as dimensional stability, softness and fire retardancy, while minimizing problems such as static. 

Key products

EMPICOL® 0585/A 2-ethyl-hexyl sulphates suitable for use during mercerizing

EMPICOL® ESB, EMPIMIN® KSN series and ALKANATE® series alkyl ether sulphates

EMPICOL® LX, LZ and TAS series alkyl sulphates

NANSA® LSS series alpha olefin sulphonates

NANSA® series dodecyl benzene sulphonates

EMPIMIN® MH and MK mono, di-octyl sulphosuccinates and sulphosuccinamates

EMPIPHOS® and SURFONIC® AG phosphoric esters


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