Huntsman's ELASTAMINE® amines are used to modify and improve thermoplastic polymers such as polyamides (nylon), polyolefins, elastane (Spandex) and polyester. These polymers generally have good properties that make them suitable for a wide variety of applications from the manufacture of fibers, films and membranes to engineering plastics. However, several characteristics such as flexibility, hydrophilicity, low temperature properties and surface energy can be improved through modification with ELASTAMINE® amines.

From textiles to construction, ELASTAMINE® helps to meet growing global demand for innovative smart materials. In polyamides, elastane and polyesters, ELASTAMINE® can impart elasticity, 'breathability', improved hydrolysis resistance, improved chemical resistance and anti-static properties. With polyolefins, ELASTAMINE® can improve interpolymer adhesion and make surfaces easier to paint, dye or print.

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