JEFFOX® functional fluids are ethylene oxide and propylene oxide derivatives that offer a wide range of solubility and viscosity properties. All are clear, water-soluble, have relatively high flash points and excellent compatibility with numerous additives, such as antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors.

Typically, JEFFOX® functional fluids are found in lubricants, plasticizers, solvents, coupling agents, frothing and defrothing agents, heat transfer fluids, inks, dyes and chemical intermediates. Other applications include defoaming boilers and ore flotation. They are particularly useful in the removal and reflowing of solder in printed circuit boards, where proprietary oxidation inhibitor packages reduce the rate of degradation at the high temperatures required.

JEFFOX® polypropylene glycols are essentially water-white, non-volatile, viscous liquids. In general, their viscosity increases and water solubility decreases with increasing molecular weight. Polypropylene glycols are much less water soluble, less hygroscopic and have lower pour points than polyethylene glycols of similar molecular weights, but are more oil-soluble. They are better solvents for organic materials, both natural and synthetic, than corresponding polyethylene glycols.

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