As one of the world’s largest producers of alkylene carbonates, Huntsman can meet approximately 50% of the global requirements for this alternative to volatile and hazardous solvents. With world-scale expertise, manufacturing and supply, we are continually investing in the most advanced production technologies and specialized carbonate derivatives to meet our customers' needs.

Key ranges include: JEFFSOL® ethylene carbonates; JEFFSOL® propylene carbonates; JEFFSOL® glycerine carbonates; ULTRAPURE® propylene carbonates; and ULTRAPURE® ethylene carbonates.

Huntsman's carbonates provide a more environmentally friendly alternative to products such as methylene chloride, acetone and aromatic solvents. Using carbonates as a reactive intermediate to replace ethylene and propylene oxides, and ethylene and propylene glycols, can make it easier to select reaction properties and also minimize contaminants.

Our carbonates are typically used in cure accelerators; reactive diluents; solvents; degreasers; industrial cleaners; polyester synthesis; tub and tile cleaners; paint remover; epoxy formulations; and urethanes. And, by combining global reach with regional support and market expertise, our technical teams can assist customers with specialized formulations, carbonate reactions and product development.

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