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Huntsman Pigments and Additives is one of the most diversified producers of pigments and additives in the world. Manufactured by proprietary processes our pigments and functional additives include:

  • Titanium dioxide products that provide opacity, whiteness and a range of other properties tailored to the needs of the coating formulator
  • Colored pigment products that provide color flexibility in powder and liquid form
  • Functional inorganic additives that complement titanium dioxide and colored pigments by helping coatings formulators optimize their products
  • Special effect products that can be used to engineer unique effects, for example, increasing solar reflectance for cool coatings or cleaning the air from organic pollutants.

From construction products and coatings for cars to functional coating products, our titanium dioxide pigments add brilliance to everyday objects. Produced to world class standards our products have specific benefits for coatings customers including opacity, whiteness and gloss.

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