New application areas for high-quality polyester films: innovative additives from Huntsman ensure the highest levels of opacity or transparency.

Huntsman has developed a new concept to overcome the previous restrictions of high-quality white or transparent films.

Additives for white films
Huntsman offers specifically developed additives for the production of white films. They ensure the highest levels of opacity and reflectivity of biaxially oriented films. Huntsman provides tailor-made solutions for films used in flat panel displays, solar backsheets and super size advertising boards.

Additives for transparent films
By developing an innovative antiblocking additive for transparent polyester films, it is now possible to adjust the surfaces of biaxially oriented films with more control, greater homogeneity and with smaller scale texturing than has been possible with conventional silica solutions. The advantages of the new product offer the processor a added value on the market. What initially appears, under the microscope, to be the difference between coarse and fine woodchip paper actually improves film performance, particularly in terms of gloss and transparency.

The high gloss and greater transparency of films treated with the new antiblocking particles are based on comparatively simple chemical and physical principles: a refractive index very similar to that of polymer, the controlled and extremely narrow particle size distribution and a precisely adjusted, uniform distribution of the particles in the polymer matrix.

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