Bright solutions for food and pet coloration

High-purity TiO2 is used in a range of applications in the food and pet foods sector. Huntsman’s high-purity TiO2 grades have been established on the food and pet foods markets for many decades. The physical properties of these grades differ, due to the individual production processes used at Huntsman’s various production plants. HOMBITAN® FG pigments from Huntsman presents lollipops, chewing gum and icing in an appetizing white – or provides the basis for their fresh colors.

HOMBITAN® FG pigment is a fine anatase pigment, is characterized by its ultra-high purity and safety. It has excellent opacity and dispersibility in as well as good covering power. 
Huntsman complies with all the required quality standards in Europe and in America. Our products also satisfy kosher and halal requirements and are ECOCERT certified.


HOMBITAN® pigment for pet food

Huntsman offer high-purity titanium dioxide with an excellent opacity suitable for pet food. Our HOMBITAN® FG pigment and HOMBITAN® AFDC pigment are in conformity with EU-directives for food colourants (E171) and the regulations of the FDA (21 CFR 73.575)

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