An inks solution for a wide range of applications

Huntsman Pigments and Additives is a leading supplier to ink manufacturers across the world.  We produce specialist titanium dioxide pigments, developed specifically to meet the requirements of the inks industry and its customers. The breadth of our product portfolio means we can offer a solution for a wide range of printing applications.

Our titanium dioxide solutions deliver more than just optical excellence. The quality of our products and the depth of knowledge of our people can help you to extract value which could include improving the efficiency of your production process, and helping you to achieve cost savings whilst delivering specialized ink product innovations to your customers.

Inks for packaging

In flexible packaging (such as plastic or aluminum films), the consistency and performance of the white ink are crucial to the quality of the printed image. The white ink should give excellent hiding power to allow high quality color printing. Huntsman supplies high-quality white TiO2 pigments and has many years experience within this industry. Huntsman's TiO2 pigments offer a broad performance spectrum:

  • High gloss
  • Excellent hiding power
  • Superb opacity
  • Low abrasion

Huntsman pigments are suitable for use in solvent, water and oil-based inks as well as in UV curable inks. They perform well in flexo, gravure and screen printing with gravure inks, ink-jet or sheet fed offset applications.

Our customized portfolio of titanium dioxide products means we have solutions for a variety of packaging types, whether it’s flexible, paper and card or metal packaging.

Inks for textiles

Our titanium dioxide pigments can help to deliver strong opaque color that help printed textiles stand out in a crowd.

Inks to help prevent fraud

In the securities market, making documents difficult to replicate is the ultimate challenge. Our pigments can help your business produce high quality inks that give excellent results consistently. Huntsman Pigments and Additives can offer a solution to produce the highest quality inks, time and time again.

Products available:


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