We produce a wide range of pigments and highly specialized functional additives for the paper industry.   From labels, to laminates and special papers we have a customized solution for almost every end application.  For more information please contact p&

Label paper
A product is not complete until it has been labeled. The demands placed on the appearance of a brand are high. With Huntsman pigments paper labels you can be assured you will have the right quality.
Labels are not just expected to adhere to every type of surface, they must also be printable in any color and demonstrate extremely high wet opacity. Glossy, shimmering, printed with special inks, matt or gloss, smooth or rough, every optical design must be possible. The requirements are correspondingly high. Huntsman offers a carefully selected choice of fillers and pigments that lend the paper the required properties.

Laminates are an attractive and cost-effective alternative to real wood flooring. Huntsman special pigments for the decorative layer and the overlay can give laminates the edge in terms of appearance and light resistance.

Various types of paper coating are used in the production of laminate flooring. For the decorative layer, Huntsman offers pigments that offer excellent printability and brilliant opacity. Pigments that are characterized by their high light fastness and transparency are available for the overlay, the layer above the decorative layer. They are also insensitive to low pH values, which can occur during cross-linking of the melamine resin. 

Huntsman has developed fillers for special colorings to ensure that the paper can be resin-impregnated without any air inclusions. These fillers are acid- and alkali-resistant and characterized by their high weathering resistance and light fastness.  Whatever ever your requirements, we have customized solutions to meet your needs.

Paper coatings
Printing and writing paper have to satisfy a wide range of requirements. It's the coating that usually applies the finishing touch. Huntsman offers a whole range of high-quality pigments and extenders based titanium dioxide, zinc sulfide and barium sulfate.

Paper coatings seal and smooth the surface structure. Huntsman has developed high-quality pigments for water-based systems specifically for this purpose. These pigments guarantee high whiteness and significantly improve the gloss and printability of the paper. They can be employed as acid- and alkali-resistant fillers that have no influence on retention and boost the weathering resistance and light fastness of the paper.

Special papers
Banknotes, stamps, ID cards – the market for special papers is vast. Huntsman pigments ensure that special papers satisfy the quality requirements in this area.  Security papers are part of our everyday life. Postage stamps must be chemically resistant and show very high levels of wet opacity. The paper used to produce documents or ID cards must be extremely light fast, resistant to mechanical strains and ideally forgery-proof.
To improve the quality of paper to meet such requirements, a large number of production steps in which pigments and fillers play a key role are necessary. Huntsman offers tailor-made solutions to meet your requirements.

  • LWC (Lightweight Coated) and Ultra Lightweight Coated (ULWC) papers are used when printing telephone directories, bibles or patient information leaflets. Titanium dioxide pigments from Huntsman can be used to enhance the opacity of these extremely thin, lightweight papers so they can be printed on both sides without the backside printing showing through.
  • Diazo papers are exposed to greatly fluctuating pH values during coloring. A special, chemically inert filler from Huntsman provides the pure white ground color of the papers.

Probably no other element of interior design is subject to such frequent changes in fashion as wallpaper. Huntsman pigments and additives ensure that wallpaper is fit for any purpose.  Wallpapers must have very good adhesive properties, be light and have a brilliant wet opacity. Ideally wallpapers can be manually coated or printed using common printing processes. Titanium dioxide pigments from Huntsman give the paper all these properties and high light fastness.

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