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Primary flocculants (coagulants) and flocculation aids (flocculants)

Huntsman water treatment’s primary flocculants and flocculation aids are applied to assist in the separation of suspended, dispersed or colloidal particles in solution.

Due to the particle electrical charge, the suspended, dispersed or colloidal  particles repel each other. This repulsion prevents the particles from agglomerating, causing them to remain in suspension. To promote the removal of suspended particles in solutions, chemicals such as Huntsman water treatment’s primary flocculants and flocculation aids are required.


Primary flocculation (coagulation)

Primary flocculation can be achieved through the addition of chemicals, such as inorganic salts. Huntsman Pigments and Additives’ water treatment flocculants neutralize the electrical charge of the suspended particles in solution. Hydrolysis of these primary flocculants forms insoluble precipitates, which entrap particles. Due to this, the particles do not repel each other and can form micro-flocs.



Flocculation, the agglomeration of destabilized particles to larger particles, can be enhanced by the addition of flocculation aids. Huntsman’s synthetic polyelectrolyte products are used to increase the floc size to form macro-flocs.


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