At Huntsman Pigments and Additives sustainability is a key element of our business strategy.  An important part of the mechanism to integrate sustainability into our activities has been the development a Sustainability Framework that helps us to prioritise and focus our work and guide our choices.  We have made some bold decisions.  Our vision is to become a Zero Harm business by 2016.  That's ZERO harm to our people, our assets, our communities and our environments. It's a journey that we have embarked upon and we are already seeing results.

Sustainability framework themes

1. Being responsible
Ensuring that associates, local communities and wildlife habitats are treated with respect

2. Reducing our carbon footprint
Making the best use of the energy we consume

3. Minimizing waste and resources
Reducing the use of raw materials and efficient use of resources

4. Innovating
Helping customers to reduce energy and their carbon footprints





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