We use the raw materials sourced from our suppliers to manufacture nitrobenzene, aniline, polyols and MDI (diphenylmethane diisocyanate) - the key ingredients required to produce polyurethane.

Production takes place at several different plants across the world and, in all cases, the environmental impacts and safety and health of our production personnel and the communities living around our sites is paramount.

The EHS issues associated with our production sites are complex and extensive, requiring detailed and carefully planned systems and processes in order to ensure that any problems are minimized. The main issues to be addressed, as part of a responsible product stewardship program are -

  • to ensure good quality control so that all products are within specifications;
  • to implement "best practice";
  • to implement global consistency of standards;
  • to implement environmental quality systems eg ISO, EMAS;
  • to avoid emissions and maximize energy efficiency.

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