Product design & development
A positive approach to product stewardship is critical at the design and development stage for a new product, because environmental benefits and positive health and safety features can be "designed in" to the product by our Research and Technology (R&T) teams.

If we get it right at this stage, the product stewardship task becomes that much easier through the rest of the product life cycle.


Product design & development

The key issues that we consider when designing a new product are -

  • the suitability of the product for the application(s) being considered - a process which is carried out using life cycle assessment techniques. This will include a comparison with existing products in the market to ensure that the product being developed by Huntsman Polyurethanes compares favorably on all aspects of performance - including EHS issues.
  • whether the product development represents a "novel" breakthrough or a "variation" on existing technology. If "novel", a more detailed risk assessment will be carried out addressing not only our product, but the products that are made from it - right through to the end of their lives.

Risk management is one of the basic components of an effective product stewardship program and R&T are tasked with developing lower risk products than those which are sold in the market today and to avoid misuse.

  • regulatory approvals will be required from the relevant national and international authorities regarding EHS matters.

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